Venue: Red Hill FC Rooms  7.00pm 28th July 2017

Every year the volunteer committee posts are offered up to a democratic vote. If you feel you know a Red Hill Rider who has the skillset, time and dedication required to make a real and lasting contribution you are invited to nominate them for any of the four committee posts. If you fancy running for one of the positions start by asking for support from your fellow RHRs and ask if they would like to nominate you for a position on the committee.

Be under no illusions, the Red Hill Riders Mountain Bike Club is one of Australia’s leading mountain bike clubs and the dedication shown by the current committee is astonishing. Everyone who contributes to the club’s success may be described as ‘volunteers’ but in reality, they are made of special stuff. This is an active and modern club with aspirations to develop and build on past success.


Complete and email your nomination form back to by 3.00pm Friday 28th July 2017



The President is the principle leader of the RHR club and has overall responsibility for the clubʼs administration.

The President sets the overall annual committee agenda (consistent with the views of members), helps the committee prioritize its goals and then keeps the committee on track by working within that overall framework. At the operational level, the major function of the President is to facilitate effective committee meetings.

Responsible To: The President is elected by the clubʼs members and responsible for representing the views of the members.

Club President: Responsibilities and Duties

The President/Chairperson should:

• Manage committee and/or executive meetings
• Manage the annual general meeting
• Represent the club at local, regional, state and national levels
• Attend RHR monthly meetings
• Act as a facilitator for club activities
• Keep up to date with Government Grants
• Ensure the planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally the President/Chairperson is someone who:

• Can communicate effectively
• Is well informed of all organisation activities
• Is aware of the future directions and plans of members
• Has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders
• Has an understanding of MTBA operations
• Has well developed decision making skills
• Is a supportive leader for all club members

Estimated Time Commitment Requirement & Period of Appointment

The estimated time commitment required as the President/Chairperson is 8 hours a week

The President is appointed for a 1 year term.


The Secretary is the chief administration officer of the RHR Club. This person provides the coordinating link between members, the management committee, and other stakeholders.

Responsible To: The secretary is directly responsible to the President and the club members.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Secretary should:

• Prepare the agenda for club meetings in consultation with the Chairperson
• Make arrangements including venue, date, times and hospitality for club meetings
• Send adequate notice of the meetings
• Collect and collate reports from office bearers
• Call for and receive nominations for committees and other positions for the club
• Take the minutes of meetings
• Write up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting
• Read, reply and file correspondence promptly
• Collate and arrange for the printing of the annual report
• Maintain registers of membersʼ names and addresses, life members and sponsors
• Maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions, leases and titles
• Act as the public officer of your club liaising with members of the public, affiliated bodies and government agencies.
• Liaise with RHR regarding all committee, coaches (accreditation), officials, riders, and complete all required RHR paperwork
• Keep up to date with Insurance Policy
• Arrange first aid for any RHR events including fund raisers, races or public gatherings

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally the Secretary is someone who:

• Can communicate effectively
• Is well organised and can delegate tasks
• Can maintain confidentiality on relevant matters
• Has a good working knowledge of the constitution
• Has the ability to liaise with RHR Club and other stakeholders

Estimated Time Commitment Required

The estimated time commitment required as the Secretary is 2 hour per week.

The Secretary is appointed for a 1 year period.


The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer for the club.

Responsible To: The Treasurer is directly responsible to the President and the club members.

Treasurer: Responsibilities and Duties

The Treasurer should:

• Prepare a budget and monitor it carefully
• Keep the clubʼs books up-to-date
• Keep a proper record of all payments and monies received
• Make sure financial reports are available and understood at all committee meetings
• Show evidence that money received is banked and documentation provided for all money paid out
• Ensure that information for an audit is prepared each year
• Arrange the audit
• Give Treasurerʼs report at regular meetings and when required
• Produce an annual financial report
• Prepare and distribute invoices/accounts for services rendered
• Pay the bills.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally the Treasurer is someone who is:

• Well organised
• Able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the books
• Able to keep good records
• Able to work in a logical manner
• Financial background of accounting procedures

Estimated Time Commitment Required

The estimated time commitment required as the Treasurer is 2 hours per week.

The Treasurer is appointed for a 1 year period.

If you can’t attend the RHR AGM feel free to download and complete the Vote By proxy Form to nominate a fellow RHR to ensure your vote is counted.