Red Hill Riders only special, discounted entry and benefits to the Bright MTB Fest Nov
Use the promo code RHR ROCK when entering and receive your exclusive discount and
offers on the attached flyer when entering any, or all of the below:

Gravity Enduro Race
Traditional format but includes shuttles 12-9pm on the Saturday practice, then race 4 stages
Sun 7-12pm, without shuttles.

Gravity Enduro Closest Time
Esprit De Corps format including shuttles on both Saturday & Sunday. All of your runs are
timed both days with the competition being to have 2 of your runs, on each course as close
as possible in time, fast or slow it’s up to you just need be consistent.

24 Hour Race
Traditional xc style 24hr Race, solo/team starts at 12pm Saturday, finishes 12pm Sunday.
One rider from each team, racing at a time.

24 Hour Race
Esprit De Corps format starting 12pm Saturday finishing 12pm Sunday, meaning some/all
team members can ride the course together racing or socially over the 24 hours, all team
members’ laps are combined for the team total.

Any further questions don’t hesitate to email Bart on